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Measurably  Better Software Development


Measurably Faster, Better, More Human Agile Software Development

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What product should we build?  It's the hardest and most important

question in software. Use hypothesis-driven development,  BDD, UX, Solution Anthropology. Build Amazon, not Borders.  Win.




Standups and Retrospectives from Scrum; Make work visible and limit WIP from Kanban.  DSDM and Crystal and Lean Software add more. Many folks know this part of Agile.  But Agile is NOT just a process




"Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools."  Building teams and making life good for those teams is more central to what Agile is  than any other part. It's the preeminent Agile topic.



Every domain has best practices. Practices for 2 week or 2 hour cycle times are the difference between preeminence and pretending. XP, DevOps, Craftsmanship, Automation.  Agile without this fails. ​



"Agile is a Mindset"

Yes.  It's a mindset earned by thousands of hours of practice.  Often, the main factors slowing Agile are psychological.  We are real humans, not Spock or Data, and recognizing real human psychology is necessary. 



Agile at the team level is hard enough.  What do you need to let it proliferate through the organization?  Organizational Change Management, Budgeting, Legal, Compliance, HR, and more.  And of course, traditional multi-team Agile.


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